Pyrite is a mineral from the group of sulfides, it is made up of iron and sulfur, it is the energy of fire.

Pyrite has magical power, it is a great protector and it is excellent to use as a crutch as it deflects danger and damage.

It is so protective and powerful that it protects from control, manipulation and continued criticism by a person, be it a brother, partner, etc... It gives the strength to resist without getting upset or angry, balancing.

Helps against intellectual fatigue, stress from overwork and nervous system fatigue, improving and stimulating blood flow to the brain, increases concentration, memory and mental clarity, also inspires creativity in many disciplines, protects us from environmental pollutants and contagious diseases.

Balances the chakras and spiritual growth is very positive.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is responsible for stimulating the third eye, this Chakra is located between the chest and the navel, it is responsible for distributing energies and attracting relationships, helping to control the immune and affective system.