Pyramid orgonites

Discover the charm of orgonite pyramids in our exclusive collection! At you can immerse yourself in a universe of energy and balance with our fantastic orgonite pyramids, meticulously designed to elevate your well-being and transform your environment.

Our orgonite pyramids are authentic works of energetic art, made completely by hand with select crystals, high quality resin and noble metals to channel and enhance positive energy. Experience the unique synergy of crystals such as quartz, shungite and tourmaline, which are capable of creating a powerful vibrational field that purifies and harmonizes your space.

Add style and spirituality to your home or office with our orgonite pyramids, which are not only aesthetically stunning but also provide tangible benefits. Balance energies, dissipate negativity and improve your physical and emotional well-being.

Whether you are looking to improve your health, increase your vitality, or simply raise the vibration of your space,'s orgonite pyramids are the perfect choice.

Make an orgonite pyramid yours today and awaken more positive energy in your life!

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  1. very powerful FEATURED
    Pyramid orgonite large
    Special Price €125.00 Regular Price €150.00
  2.  Orgonite pyramid powerful orange FEATURED
    Orgonite pyramid powerful orange
    Special Price €85.00 Regular Price €90.00
  3. pretty FEATURED
    Orgonite pyramid of Cheops powerful
  4. Powerful Mayan Pyramid Orgonite with Gems BESTSELLER
    Powerful Mayan Pyramid Orgonite with Gems
    As low as €65.00
  5. powerful pyramid-1 FEATURED
    Powerful 8-sided pyramid.
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