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¿What are orgonites?

Orgonites are energetic balancing devices. They serve to clean and protect energy pollution (DOR), increase vitality, emotional state and with it the state of health in general.
At the present time we have a lot of energy pollution that affects us negatively, either by cell phones, television or internet antennas, or by other environmental factors.
What the orgonites do is transform this negative energy (DOR) into positive energy (POR) which gives us the multiple benefits that we have mentioned above.
Many people also drew attention to orgonites simply because of their beauty since they can be found in all kinds of colors and shapes (the pyramidal shape being the most beneficial therapeutically speaking).

The orgonites are composed of a 50% mixture of resin and metal shavings (aluminum and iron being the most used), and a quartz crystal. Many orgonites also introduce other minerals such as Shungite and Tourmaline to increase their positive effects.

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What are orgonites and how do they work?

Orgonites are devices made of resin, metals and crystals that are capable of transforming negative energy into positive. They work by combining these materials to generate a harmonizing energy field from the energy generated by the pressure of the resin on the quartz, as the latter has piezoelectric properties.

What are the benefits of using orgonites?

Some of the benefits attributed to orgonites include improving sleep, reducing stress, balancing environmental energy, and improving mental clarity. However, individual experiences may vary.

How should orgonites be used?

It will be enough to have them near the places we frequent in our home, such as the desk or the bed. If we are talking about complement-type orgonites, it will be enough to carry them with you.

When it comes to pyramids, they must be oriented with one of their sides facing north.

How do I choose the right orgonite for me?

The choice depends on your goals and preferences. Consider the design, materials used and size. Our team at can guide you to find the perfect option for you.

Is it safe to buy orgonites online?

Yes, our online shopping platform guarantees the security of your data. Additionally, we offer secure shipping to ensure your orgonites arrive in perfect condition.

Can I take orgonites anywhere?

Yes, orgonites are portable and can be taken anywhere. In fact, not only can they be carried, but it is highly recommended. They are ideal to place in your home, workplace or to carry with you to maintain an environment of positive energy.

Is there a difference between orgonites and other energy devices?

Yes, orgonites stand out for their unique combination of resin, metals and crystals. This specific blend is considered particularly effective in transmuting negative energy.

Do you offer international shipping of orgonites?

Yes, we offer international shipping so you can enjoy our orgonites wherever you are. Check our shipping options during the purchasing process.

How can I maintain and clean my orgonite?

To keep your orgonite in optimal condition, clean it occasionally with a soft cloth. You can also recharge its energy by exposing it to sunlight for a few minutes. Avoid submerging it in water to preserve its integrity.

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Pyramid orgonite large
I couldn't be happier with my orgonite.
I think it's great.
The 10 service arrived on the indicated date.
It will not be the only purchase.
I think I will make more orders. Very satisfied
Highly recommended.
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Pyramid orgonite large
Love this one!
Absolutely amazing! I rate with a 4 just because it arrived 3 days later, but for the rest it is a very beutiful orgonite.
Powerful 8-sided pyramid.
The truth is that it surprised me
Fantastic orgonite! And it also arrived very quickly.
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Leaf-shaped pendant orgonite
I always carry it with me.
I am delighted with the pendant. I always wear it everywhere. She has a very cool style
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Cristina P.
Orgonite pyramid of Cheops powerful
Very satisfied!
The truth is that I am very happy with the orgonite. I always have it on the nightstand next to where I sleep, facing north. I can't describe it but it's like I rest much better.
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