Classic Orgonite Ring

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An orgonite in a precious ring, a classic model, composed of polyester resin, Quartz, Shungite, aluminum, copper, steel, brass and iron powder. In an intense color, the frame is 925 silver and adjustable.
This precious orgonite ring, is a classic model, it is composed of polyester resin + metal shavings (aluminum, copper, steel, brass) in a 50% proportion, inside a quartz collected in the Montseny mountain, duly activated in the light of the full moon for 3 programmed nights, supplemented with Shungite and inside a heart of iron powder. Quartz keeps people away from bad vibrations and negative energy, quartz brings us peace, serenity and calm. Shungite purifies, protects, cures, heals, charges and stabilizes living beings, it also purifies water. Neutralizes negative energy and prevents electromagnetic waves produced by all devices, from mobile phones, microwaves, dishwashers, TV, car, Wi-Fi, etc... and an endless number of devices in our modern life. Due to its size it can always be worn, it complements the necklace. Wherever you are, at home, traveling, at work, in your daily life, it protects you from harmful electromagnetic waves and helps you in your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional state, even when you are on the edge, it gives you strength to continue forward a little more. The orgonite ring has a 925 silver setting, adjustable.
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MetalsSilver, Aluminum, Copper, Iron, Brass, Steel
MineralsQuartz, Shungite
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