Beautiful orgonite coaster

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Beautiful orgonite coaster, to energize drinks and food, it is composed just like a pyramid or a necklace, it protects you from harmful waves.

Beautiful orgonite coaster, very powerful, to energize drinks and foods, including the water we drink, with the symbol of the Flower of Life. The Flower of Life represents the origin from which everything is born and where everything returns, it is at the bottom of our consciousness. The Flower of Life has the virtue of balancing, protecting, regenerating and energizing; food preservation properties are attributed to it. This classic orgonite model is composed of polyester resin with metal shavings, in this case aluminum, in a proportion of 50%, and inside a quartz collected in the Montseny mountain, duly activated and programmed for 3 nights at a time. the light of the full moon, Shungite dust, and iron filings. In our modern life we have a lot of electromagnetic pollution that is harmful to our health and our environment. This orgonite protects you from harmful electromagnetic waves and enhances your spiritual and emotional state while energizing your food, which could be your breakfast, dinner or snack.

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MetalsAluminum, Iron
MineralsQuartz, Shungite
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