Orgonite Mayan pyramid metallic

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Orgonite Mayan pyramid metallic. Orgonite composed of aluminum, iron, bronze, copper and a large quartz inside.

The composition of this pyramid-orgonite is polyester resin with metal shavings (aluminum, iron, bronze, copper) in a 50% proportion, and inside a quartz collected in the Montseny mountain, activated for 3 nights at the light of the full moon and programmed properly.

This orgonite transmutes bad energy and bad vibrations from Wi-Fi, TV, cordless phones, cell phones, dishwashers, microwaves, and a lot of electromagnetic pollution.

This orgonite is for life, they recycle and transmute bad vibrations and bad energy from around them, thus benefiting us from better physical, mental and emotional health, a great personal well-being.

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MetalsAluminum, Copper, Iron, Bronze
Height4 cm
Base7 cm
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