The origin of Orgonites

In a world where spirituality and positive energy are generating increasing interest, orgonites have emerged as energetic and mysterious devices. These pieces, known for their ability to transform negative energies into positive ones, are rooted in a captivating and intriguing story.

A brief look at history

Orgonites were conceived by Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian-American psychoanalyst and scientist, in the mid-20th century. Reich, fascinated by the vital energy he called "orgone", sought ways to channel and manipulate this energy for the benefit of human beings. His research led him to create orgonites as devices intended to harmonize environmental energy.

Wilhelm Reich

The orgone theory

The basis of orgonites is found in Reich's orgone theory. According to him, orgone is a universal energy present everywhere and fundamental for life. To channel and release this energy, Reich developed devices that would later be known as orgonites.

These devices consist of a combination of organic and inorganic materials. They generally contain layers of resin, metal and glass. Organic resin is used to encapsulate layers of metal chips, such as aluminum or copper, and crystals, primarily quartz. This combination of materials allows you to channel and transform negative energy into positive energy.

How do they work?

These devices act as energy transmuters. By interacting with negative energy (also known as negative orgone), they transform it into positive energy (positive orgone), thus creating a more harmonious and balanced environment.

Contemporary popularity

Although Reich developed orgonites in the previous century, their popularity has seen a resurgence in recent years. Attributed to growing spiritual awareness and the search for alternative methods to improve well-being, more and more people are incorporating orgonites into their daily lives.

A journey of energy transformation

In summary, orgonites have a fascinating origin that dates back to the pioneering research of Wilhelm Reich. Its ability to transform energy and create positive environments has resonated with those seeking to improve their physical and spiritual well-being. If you are interested in the orgone theory or simply enjoy the aesthetic and positive vibration that orgonites provide, stop by our store orgonites and minerals and you can find a multitude of these energy devices.