How to demold an orgonite pyramid


In today's video we explain how to unmold an orgonite pyramid during its creation process.



Before creating a pyramid, the mold must be treated to prevent the pyramid from adhering to the mold, with the consequence that the mold is damaged.

A release agent is needed, in aerosol it makes our work easier, you should always grease the silicone mold that you are going to use so that it does not get damaged.

In principle, the mold must be completely clean, free of resin residues, dirt, dust, etc.

A thin layer must be applied, taking into account all the corners of the mold, if the mold is new, 3 layers must be applied, between layer and layer it must dry.

The release agent will make it easier for us to remove the mold and the piece will separate perfectly.

In order to remove the mold from the polyester resin pyramid with metals, it must have been cured.

We use silicone molds from the Phi-mold brand, they are molds of the highest quality, they are made of platinum-cured silicone, they have an HDPE mold as a support structure, they help to withstand the high temperature of the resin and do not deform the mold of sylicon.

Before starting to make the Orgonite, we will treat the silicone mold with a release spray, if we do not have the spray, the mold can also be treated with oil, to extend the life of the mold, the temperature of the resin with its activator can damage it. mold.

We will proceed to prepare the Orgonite taking into account the proportions of resin and metal and the different minerals that we want.

After the curing process of the Orgonite, which usually lasts approximately one week, in which the environmental temperature factor intervenes, we are going to demold the Orgonite.

For a better result we make an Epoxy resin Top Coat.

Finally we are going to finish the process, refine the edges of the pyramid, next we are going to use a cutting polish, followed by a shine polish and then we use an anti-hologram polish.

To finish the work, we place the Sacred Geometry and some silicone stops on the base so that our work cannot be damaged