Woman strength training

Strength training in women is advisable and beneficial for all ages, including women over 50 years of age.

It has been investigated that the benefits are more positive than the contraindications.

It is observed that strength training is usually practiced to a greater extent by men while women tend to practice more aerobic exercise.

In a few years this has changed, women have joined the world of strength training, in fact, there are in some Boxes, at specific times that practically everything is women, who combine family, work and sport, and very various ages.

Strength training slows the loss of bone density, helps improve the risk of possible fractures or injuries and the risk of osteoporosis while protecting joints, strengthens muscles, ligaments and tendons, prevents diseases and colds, also with heart health, blood pressure, cholesterol and bone density improve with training over time.

Accelerates metabolism and burns fat.

With training, women are stronger by reducing body fat, generally they do not increase in size, but muscle definition and toning are increased.

Increases the mineral density of the spine.

Improves athletic performance.

The risk of arthritis, back pain and injury is reduced.

The probability of risk of diabetes and heart disease is also reduced.

It improves stress and attitude, it also reduces symptoms of depression.

And of course the increase in strength helps in daily life, with the family, at work, at home, etc…

Old woman lifting dead lift


Strength improvement can be improved at any age, however strength training should always be supervised by a professional.