Tiger Eye Properties

The Tiger's Eye is a semiprecious stone, it is composed of different yellowish and brown minerals, its main component is quartz.

It is considered a powerful amulet.

In ancient civilizations, it has been used for ornamental pieces, such as in ancient Egypt.

The tiger's eye is related to protection and good luck, it transmits energy, strength and the skill of the tiger, it is believed that it is one of the stones suitable for dealing with the evil eye, it is also known as "the stone of freedom”, is a stone charged with positive energy, it does not protect from the bad vibrations around us and helps to maintain balance in adverse situations of anxiety, difficulty making decisions or fear.

In traditional Chinese medicine it is considered essential to balance ying and yang.

Power the 7 chakras, which is why it is associated with good psychological and physical health. Above all, it influences creativity and personal concentration.

Relieves headaches, maintains inner balance, helps with anxiety and stress, and MENTAL serenity.

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