The effect of minerals on health

The relationship between contact with minerals and health has been a topic of interest for centuries. Minerals are essential for the proper functioning of the human body, and are present in many foods and nutritional supplements. Furthermore, contact with certain minerals can have beneficial health effects, while others can be detrimental if handled inappropriately. In this article, we will explore how contact with minerals can affect our health and what steps we need to take to ensure their proper use.

What are minerals and why are they important for health?

Minerals are essential chemical elements found in nature, both on land and in water. These elements are necessary for life, as they help maintain pH balance, hydration, nutrient transport, and tissue formation. In addition, minerals are also necessary for the proper function of the immune, nervous, and cardiovascular systems.

Minerals can be classified into two categories: macrominerals and microminerals. Macrominerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, are needed in large amounts and are important for the formation of strong bones and teeth, as well as for the proper functioning of muscles and the nervous system. Trace minerals, such as iron, zinc, and selenium, are needed in smaller amounts, but are just as important for health, as they are essential components of enzymes and proteins that play key roles in the body.

How minerals influence our health

Minerals can influence our health in various ways. For example, calcium is essential for the formation and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Iron is necessary for the production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body. Magnesium helps regulate heart rate and blood pressure, among other important functions.

Additionally, some minerals may also have healing properties. Tourmaline, for example, is a mineral that has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine for its healing properties. It is said that it can help improve blood circulation and relieve pain.

Efectos del contacto con los minerales en la salud 2

The importance of contact with minerals

Contact with minerals can also be beneficial for our health. Some studies suggest that walking on stones can stimulate acupuncture points on the feet and improve blood circulation. Other studies have found that people who live near mountains or areas with high mineral levels have a longer life expectancy and a lower incidence of chronic diseases.

Additionally, some alternative therapies, such as gem and crystal therapy, use minerals to improve people's health and well-being. These therapies are based on the belief that minerals have healing properties and can balance the body's energy. In another article we will talk about gem therapy in more detail since it requires an article dedicated entirely to this topic.

You can also consult our article where we talk about the importance of walking barefoot through nature, which makes it easier for us to come into contact with the minerals present in it.


In short, minerals are essential for our health and well-being. Their contact can influence our health in various ways, and some alternative therapies use minerals to improve health and well-being. If you are interested in learning more about the effects of minerals on health, we recommend you find more information on our blog or consult a health professional.

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