Hematite stone properties

Hematite or Hematite stone is a very strong mineral, it gets us away from negativity. It has a protective energy, helps people who are worthless, builds self-confidence, willpower and self-esteem, relieves pain, balances and gives us grounding energy.

They are good feminine stones, help shy women, improve willpower, feel better in general, physically and emotionally, restore peace and harmony in your life.

It helps balance your aura and align your chakras, it is a conjunction of mind, spirit and body.

Improves memory.

Helps to overcome addictions, combined with amethyst and helps to let go of addictive substances.

It recharges us with energy.

Cut negative energies.

Align the spine.

Increases the immune system.

It serves to help people with emotional imbalance and lows.

This mineral had its importance in ancient Egypt, pregnant women slept with the Hematite stone under their pillow and men carried it as protection in battles.