Turquoise and Pearl bracelet

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This bracelet forms a very elegant combination, it will always accompany you, the properties of its minerals are evident, they protect us while beautifying us.

Turquoise stone has protective and healing properties, promotes balance, personal development, creativity, gives you vitality and calm.

And Pearls that are of great beauty and are associated with innocence, femininity, purity and elegance.


The Turquoise stone in ancient civilizations has been used as a natural amulet, you can charge your stone in the light of the full moon, and together with the pearls that connect in a special way with the moon, its effect is relaxing, giving serenity and inner peace .

Pearls are a mineral that is formed completely differently from other minerals.

To benefit from its properties you must wear it as a bracelet or necklace, it is beneficial in the woman's cycle, it rebalances the woman's hormonal system, it also balances the emotions, reduces stress, eliminates bad negative energies and has a protective effect on the person. who carries them.

The beads are silver and the leather is natural.

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MineralsPearl (nacre), Turquoise
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