Spherical cone orgonite pink

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Pink spherical orgonite cone is a model of orgonite composed of resin, metal shavings, quartz and shungite. It is a very powerful model.


This orgonite model is composed of polyester resin with metal shavings (aluminum) in a 50% proportion, and inside a quartz, shungite and quartz chips collected in the Montseny mountain, activated for 3 nights at the full moonlight and properly timed.

This cone apart from its beauty, is composed of a powerful and healing quartz, quartz chips and shungite

These cone-orgonites are for life, they recycle and transmute bad vibrations and bad energy from around them.

At its base a copper spiral, the spiral is a very ancient and universal symbol of the creation and evolution of life, it is the natural way of expressing the eternal and the infinite.

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Height5 cm
Diameter8.5 cm
MetalsAluminum, Copper, Iron, Brass, Steel
MineralsQuartz, Shungite
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