Shungite harmonizing bars (1 pair)

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Shungite and Tulikivi natural harmonizing bars.They are used together to work on an energetic level, they are therapeutic, they can also be used to meditate.They activate circulation and relieve heavy legs.
Shungite (YIN) and Tulikivi or Soapstone (YAN) harmonizing bars, to work at the energy level These harmonizing bars have great properties with good therapeutic results.They help relieve pain, fatigue and above all stress.Regenerates mind and body, increasing energy. They can be used to meditate one in each hand, the Shungite will be taken in the left hand, which is the one that receives and accumulates, and the Tulikivi in the right hand, which is the one that gives and transmits.Due to its shape, it spreads positive energy in all directions.The use of harmonizing wands comes from ancient Egypt where they were used for centuries.The properties of Shungite are widely known, it is the masculine part (YIN) and Tulikivi, is the feminine part (YAN) of Shungite, harmonizesAs a couple they are perfect for energy balance.They regulate the throat chakra, help the immune system, improve.Uplifts and calms the mind The Aura registers a true cleaning.The 2 bars are used at the same time, they balance and regenerate the body in general, the combination of the 2 balances the energy balance of the organism YIN Left YAN Right
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MineralsShungite, Tulikivi
Size11 cm x 2.5 cm
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