Shungit extreme protecton

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We present you a very interesting book, similar to  a small manual to discover a unique mineral, Shungite.

Nicolas Almand has tried and tested, and presents us with his experiences, expressing a philosophy of life.




Extreme protection


 Writer: Nicolas Almand


This book talks about the properties of Shungite, it isn’t a very known stone, although it is millions of years old, it has been hidden in the depths of the earth.

The writer has carried out tests and trials to be able to present the Shungite. In it he tells us about his experience, his tests and his trials.

This book will mark a turning point in the writer's life, it should be considered as a way of using it to discover Shungite, A UNIQUE MINERAL.

His interest is to inform as many people as possible about the properties of a not very known mineral.

This book is like a small easy-to-read manual for discovering Shungite.

I recommend your reading.

The editor  tells us that this book is published with the aim of offering the world information, it expresses a philosophy of life.


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