Rose Quartz Pendant

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Use this Rose Quartz pendant mounted in brass made entirely by hand, hang this pendant to enjoy the properties of rose quartz. It is easy to combine and will look amazing with your style of dress. Rose Quartz will help you create harmony, capturing positive energies around you, and it is also linked to love.
It will relieve stress and calm your mind, it will also help you reduce anxiety, balancing your emotions. To clean quartz for the first time, use a glass container with water and well-dissolved salt and place your quartz in the mixture for 10 minutes, then rinse it well with running water and dry it well. To activate quartz the first time, leave it in a glass bowl next to the window all night during the full moon. This mineral receives the energy of the moon and, above all, when the sun rises, remove it and be ready to hang it around your neck. Do this often to control the energy load.
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