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Orgonite for your bag, table, etc... It is a powerful model, it transmutes harmful waves and transmutes them into positive waves, it brings you close to you.

Orgonite for your bag, your table or in your pocket, this orgonite model is a classic model, its composition is polyester resin with metal shavings (aluminum) in a proportion of 50%, and inside a quartz and chips quartz collected on the Montseny mountain, duly activated for 3 nights in the light of the full moon and duly programmed.

Due to its size and weight it is to be carried day and night in your coat pocket, pants, bag.

Take it close to the Thymus gland and your orgonite will be gently activated at its need, as well as the Pineal gland.

Wherever you are, traveling, at home, at work, in your daily life, it protects you from harmful electromagnetic waves and helps you in your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional state, even when you are at the limit, it gives you strength to carry on a little more.

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