Natural Shungite powder - 500 gr.

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Shungite has incredible qualities of fertilization and revitalization for the earth, it can be used as a natural and ecological mineral fertilizer, it maintains the balance of the earth. There is no risk of overdose.

The sale price is a 1/2 kilo package.

Shungite is beneficial to nature, for years farmers have integrated it into their production.Shungite is composed of organic carbon, it is anthracite black in color, it contains in its composition all the elements of Mendeleev's table.Absorbs, captures and neutralizes very dangerous chemical residues and neutralizes heavy metals and pesticides.It is a unique mineral, it contains fullerenes, it is a variety of carbon, whose molecule has a large number of carbon atoms.How to use it: one tablespoon of powder per tree and one tablespoon of coffee on plants, mixed into the soil
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