Ultrapotent Orgonite Keychain

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This keychain is a classic orgonite, composed of aluminum powder and iron powder, which when polished, has a metallic effect, a quartz inside, cured three nights under the full moon, in sea water and three days in the sun .

In our daily lives, strong electromagnetic fields harmful to our health are detected and of course also in our car.

The car, unlike household appliances and countless electrical devices that are present in our lives, works like a metal cage trapping us for a long time, with our cell phone and sometimes up to 2 cell phones, amplifying the electromagnetic field, which is harmful to us. our health and prevents us from releasing harmful waves, like in a Faraday cage.

This ultra-powerful orgonite keychain benefits us by capturing electromagnetic waves and transmuting them into good vibrations, increasing our vitality and raising the vibration, generating well-being around us.

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